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Eliza_ has the rare ability to take product and service ideas and turn them into fully realised customer experiences.  Whether that’s in the form of a software platform, or physical brand experiences such as a three story glass gallery, we’re constantly working to seamlessly unite the digital and physical worlds.

Our team works with organisations to research, ideate, design and develop product and services into MVPs and working prototypes. Eliza_ creates processes for user testing, building BETA version before final launch versions, and delivering products to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Working in more than a dozen software languages, our team starts development in an agnostic/neutral way, enabling us to not be limited by a preferred approach and delivering better and more flexible outcomes over time. Our approach helps you be future proof and use the technology that is right for you.

Our experience covers working on the next generation of MedTech learning platform, working in energy monitoring systems, FinTech and AgroTech along with apps designed to optimise the delivery of business services or applying AI to deliver healthcare pathways, our team have the experience and skill to develop and deliver at the highest standard.

Here are some of the projects where our combination of skills and experienced produced amazing results :

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