The State Buildings


Seated at the heart of Perth, the historic State Buildings houses a complex of iconic cultural experiences. From the 6-star hospitality of COMO, the Treasury to Long Chim’s Thai street cuisine, the State offers artisanal cocktail bars, cafes, jewelers, and more.

Recently brought back to life with a $580 million restoration, it was discovered that while the Victorian-era buildings were so beautiful, they were also intimidating to potential visitors.

To address this, Eliza_ was tasked with creating a strategy to unify the State’s diverse offering: followed by developing brand architecture, brand positioning and content to describe the meaning behind these spaces in a way that would drive foot traffic, repeat visits and create pride in visitors, tenants, staff and the people of WA.



Applying our Brand Strategy and Design Thinking processes, we facilitated workshops, interviewed cross-functional leaders from each business within the complex as we designed their new positioning and brand architecture before presenting to senior stakeholders and finally creating a new brand toolkit and series of short films.



Since the launch of their “The State of…” Brand platform, the State’s visitor numbers are up significantly, as is an important measure of success – dwell time.

We helped turn each event Season into a coherent, ownable platform – aligning both digital and physical worlds with timely moments of experience such as The State of Festivity, The State of…. and The State of Celebration (for weddings).

The Christmas 2016 campaign went well as it was new and original… the videos were beautiful to watch…

– Kristina Coli Marketing Director, The State Buildings

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