RAC eBikes


When the RAC Strategic Innovation team needed a naming approach, brand positioning and visual expression for their new ‘ebike’ initiative, Eliza_ helped map a to-market strategy which turned their market research and member validation data into a clearly communicable purpose and value proposition.



By engaging and meeting with key stakeholders from both Strategic Innovation and Brand teams within RAC, we went through a ‘Discover and Design process’ which enabled us to refine our brand design and messaging to ensure alignment with the existing brand architecture of RAC.

We handed over a digital brand toolkit for launch and promotion of the products, to be rolled out in 2018.



We created the first sub-brand for RAC, aligning it with the organisational purpose and unifying within existing brand architecture.

Having recently been launched to RAC’s base of over a million members, this new product is already creating waves.

Thanks for helping bring eBike+ to life.

– Jarred Carlin | Product Lead | RAC Strategic Innovation

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