Creating a peer-to-peer education platform for doctors, isn’t easy. Especially when the founder is a busy A&E doctor who has also founded two other startups.

But we’ve managed to turn an idea into reality, with our development partners.

Hosting user-generated counted such as certified exam questions, video tutorials and audio files, this is a fully functioning web platform with global potential.



We went from workshops, white boards and post-its to 40 screens of wireframes, a fully realised design system and dozens of digital designs for every possible screen for handover to the Devs – in just twelve weeks.



Currently, in BETA testing with 60 doctors at three Australian hospitals, this is about to be rolled out across Australia in May, once testing results and in and the next iteration is complete.

We have been working with Eliza_ on our medical tech startup and they are nothing short of spectacular.
We are continually impressed. Get them onboard however you can.

– Haley Thompson, Entrepreneur

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