Dapper Apps


As market leaders in App Development in Western Australia, Dapper appointed Eliza_ to create a brand strategy, refined expression and communications approach to help them address the hundreds of unqualified leads their digital marketing was generating, each of which took up costly time in meetings.



Working with Dapper’s leadership team, we applied our modular Design Thinking workshop approach to better understand the needs of their users and customers, past, present and future.

We then developed a service design and conducted customer experience journey mapping,  before creating the brand strategy and actionable recommendations

Chief amongst these was the recommendation to create Dapper Academy– an app school for entrepreneurs seeking to turn their ideas into reality.



We turned a problem into a new revenue stream that positions Dapper as the leaders of their field. We also delivered a detailed Brand and Communications toolkit describing their brand platform, tone of voice, visual expression as well as templates for their social media, landing pages and environmental design.

We love the work you guys have done.

– Chloe Constantides Director, Dapper Apps

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