Data-driven emotion

The Eliza effect is ‘…the ability to elicit emotion through technology’, first documented by Dr Douglas Hofstader in the 1960’s.

Every project we work on, because it’s human-centred, gives us a unique chance to connect with the driving force behind every human decision: Emotion.

Whether we’re designing a tech platform, building a community or creating a TV campaign, emotion is our golden thread.
It may seem strange to talk about emotion in technology, but our experience in creating results shows us that we have to design-in emotion if we want transformational change and growth.

Emotion is the secret sauce that your competitors will struggle to replicate. It’s the reason people will want your brand in their lives.

Once we know what emotions we need to evoke, we design each step of the experience to deliver and bring you closer to the humans using your brand, product or service.

But we don’t always stop there. We can design processes to monitor and digest learnings before we iterate, design and develop to constantly improve your competitive advantage.

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