Lean Strategy:
Solving the right problem, faster

“If I had only one hour to save the world, I’d spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and five minutes solving that.” Albert Einstein.

Many brands and products face rapid decline over the next five years due to an increase in competition, commoditisation or decreasing relevance.

Advertising or adding new features to products are delivering less return on investment – if you’re struggling to reinvent or create relevancee and are losing market share, we can help.

Our strategists have won effectiveness awards whilst working on some of the worlds most recognisable brands and create results by applying our proven methodologies for identifying and creating new forms of value.

Our strategy is simple: We work hard with clients to do the right thing, before doing the thing right.

Get a global view, today

We start by harvesting and distilling global cultural, design and tech trends to create industry-specific reports for your business. (Ask us for details).

This allows us to identify which changes in the social, political, economic and technological environments will have the biggest impact on your brand.

Then, depending on your context, our team will often interview stakeholders to understand your cultural challenges, strengths and opportunities.

Having digested the global and local contexts, we then create strategies and insights to identify areas for new product development, often creating entirely new markets – markets that may not exist yet – by leveraging your existing IP and brand DNA.

Our holistic experiences allow us to take a strategy and bring it to life by applying our design skills – helping you learn and create results, faster.

Bringing ideas to life

We have a bias to action – we use a unique blend of Lean, Sprint and Design Thinking methods to rapidly test and validate ideas before helping you commercialise.

To bring your ideas to life or to see our most recent projects – say hello, on +61 412 252 243 or email.