We offer a range of modular programmes and workshops and often customise modules to help organisations solve a specific task or problem.

Leading creatively for innovation
(Innovation, Ideation, Implementation)

Learn about creativity and innovation from a multi award-winning Creative Director and Producer team, during a guided creative workshop.

Understand how the customer experience is the beating heart of Innovation, Ideation and Implementation and learn how to shape your ideas to gain approval for the next stage… testing and validation for the business case.

Discover how to lead your teams creatively and get them to embrace ambiguity.

Discover the barriers to innovation from within organisations, learn how to unlock permission at the right levels for innovation and ultimately, come away knowing how to build such learnings into your culture. 

Learn about the ‘Creative’ process – tips, tricks and hacks to not only challenge the constraints but to build consensus for ideas that threaten existing business units.

Design Thinking 2.0

A potent blend of the latest Sprint, Lean Startup and Human-centred Design Thinking methodologies with bias to action and creative value along all the touchpoints of a customer journey and experience, this course applies the theory in ways that creates ideas, then rapid progress.

It’s a fast paced, high energy, immersive experience aimed at embedding the practices and purpose of the evolution of Design Thinking. This process uncovers and articulates clearly the value proposition, before moving on to create minimum viable product (MVP) for validation on your product or service.

Learn how to move from idea to testing and validating hypotheses and prototypes - within hours.
This can be tailored to create solutions to a specific problem or goal.

Eliza_ Labs Accelerator Programme

Turn the ideas presented at the end of a Innovation/Leadership/or DT 2.0 course into viable products and services (or bring a new idea in).

Learn how to take those ideas, do customer journey and value mapping to strengthen validation as well as gaining traction for a business case, then start to outline a roadmap to delivery.

Learn how to build your project team, which questions to ask, how Agile, Sprint and other methodologies can help, how constant testing and validation is crucial. Apply user experience and human centred design methods can ensure you build loyalty and emotion into your product/service experience.

Discover how to build your idea to scale and how to launch with a compelling brand platform and proposition.

We will build a roadmap to market, outline of project methodology and understanding of the journey involved and how to engage all stakeholders.

Potentially we can be part of the project team, bringing to market.
Ask for details of our approach.

For details of our other products, including:

Rapid Design Sprint (RDS) for Brand/Product Development, get in touch.