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4 Brilliant Products Co-Created With Brands

In our current era of empowered consumers, instant gratification, and an average exposure to 5,000+ advertising and brand messages per person, per day, brands are constantly looking for new ways to meaningfully engage with their customers.   Today there’s a new yet rare breed of creative agency that’s responding to these trends by creating not…

Ideation phase of service design jam.

Our First Service Design Jam: New Tech for Older Users

“A new generation of older adults is beginning to demand far more out of later life than ever before.”   Last Wednesday, we hosted our first Service Design Jam at Claisebrook Design Community.   Joined by people from Bankwest, Silver Chain, Western Power, Telstra Health and Grandton, we explored ideas and solutions for how tech…

What Does A Service Designer Do?

What Does A Service Designer Do?

To people outside of the industry, it’s not immediately clear what a service designer actually does. Put simply, a service designer plans and organises the processes behind the delivery of a service, to create the best customer experience (and therefore organisational outcomes) possible. They look inwards to the organisation’s resources and workflows, and then outwards…

A smiling humanoid robot created with a human-centred design approach.

The ELIZA Effect: A Lesson in Human-Centred Design

Every human interaction is emotional: delightful, surprising, uncomfortable, stressful. It’s the truth that human-centred design is based on. And it’s no different with technology. You’re convinced the computer crashes itself whenever you’re doing important work. That the tinny voice of automated customer support just oozes sarcasm. Or that Siri shares your sense of humour. That…

Kendall Jenner endorses Pepsi in their brand communication strategy.

Cheap Cause Marketing: Gen Z Aren’t Buying It

#bringthemhere. #blacklivesmatter. #lovewins. #fairtrade. #changetheratio. #neveragain.   All of these movements have gained incredible momentum in our hyper-connected world – spearheaded by a new generation of youth activists, Generation Z.   Recent events have shown brands of all sizes and sectors boarding the cause marketing train. From their brand communication strategies to their supply chains,…


Do you want market share with that?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the pizza at Domino’s Pizza. But I can’t help be impressed by the brand. And the digital transformation that has taken place. Despite my lack of interest in fast food, my teenagers see Domino’s Pizza as a preferred food group.  Subliminally, I have been witnessing Domino’s…

Judgement Day of Design - Part 2: Boiling Point Design Thinking Process

Judgement Day for Design Part 2: Boiling Point

My idea for this article was sparked by a conversation on the This is HCD podcast. The podcast discusses the concept of design hitting a “boiling point”, and if we are approaching the singularity of design. Let’s review the first step of the design thinking process: Empathise. We believe that creating impactful design and better experiences (and…

Judgement Day for Design: Is there too much bad design?

Judgement Day for Design: Is There Too Much Bad Design?

Think about your day-to-day interactions with products and services. From public transport to apps and shopping centres, there are many instances of poor design decisions that flood our lives. And yet we generally accept this to be ok. Take, for example, the parking signs below.     Typically, we read parking signs as we’re driving…