May 9, 2017

Why everyone’s buying Design firms

“Today’s most beloved technology products and services balance design and engineering in a way that perfectly blends form and function… and VC firms increasingly see the importance of design.”

John Maeda, DesignInTech Report | 2017

Design is how it works

Design as a discipline and process is finally being understood as so much more than a visual art (graphics) or a structural one (architecture or physical products) and the implications are far-reaching.

There is a reason that the Venture Capitalists are buying Design firms – and it’s the reason consultancies like Accenture and Deloittes have been buying, too.

Only yesterday Accenture announced its decision to buy The Monkeys.

It’s because they know that Design (capital D) has the ability to propel their startups and scaleups past the competition and give them a clear advantage.

It gives superior experiences and builds sales, loyalty and advocacy. All of which makes Design firms increasingly valuable.

And as the image below from the Design In Tech 2017 report shows, the acquisition rate is increasing – over 50% of the firms have been bought since 2015.
(You can read the full DesignInTech 2017 Report here).

Design M&A list Copyright John Maeda 2017

 UX is often touted as the poster child for Design, given that everyone can now appreciate the value it can immediately add to a customer experience (CX), but this shift goes a lot deeper than that, as Organisational Design along with Product and Service Design are recognised as having the power to instantly add value to your brand or business by determining and discerning value, by sharpening moments of connection, by helping to design software interactions – and ultimately by making sure we’re all creating things people love.

But there’s one more thing the VC’s and global consultants see and value.

Design offers you the chance to creatively weave these disciplines together in a way that turns your whole organisation into a ‘Learning Organisation’ – if you know how.

If you’d like to know more, let’s talk.

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