Third Age Service Jam

Creating innovative new products and services – in one day.

Eliza_ recently launched the first Service Jam in Western Australia at Claisebrook Design Community. A globally-networked event, this was the first time it had been run in Perth.

Focussing on the implications and opportunities offered by our ageing population (as highlighted in our Trend Report ‘Meet the Third Agers’), we were joined by teams from Bankwest, Silver Chain, Western Power, Telstra Health and Synergy.

We opened the jam with insights and thought-starters from our team (and guest speaker from our friends at Faster Horses). Stand-out trends were the high levels of social isolation amongst our elderly; an increasing desire for independence; and a push for more personalised experiences from retirement living and aged care providers. 

The design challenge of the day was simple, but broad enough for our jammers to dive into: how might we link tech and humanity to create a new product or service for our ageing friends and families?

Teams were given just 3 hours to rapidly ideate, evaluate and prototype a potential service to present back to the room (an impressive feat by our standards!)

A common theme we noted across all teams’ ideas was fostering social connection. At the end of the session everyone took part in ‘zen voting’, and the winning idea of the ‘Granny Flat’: a house-share networking app where elderly people can host younger boarders for a mutual exchange in shared company and support around the house.

While short and sweet, we loved the energy and curiousity our jammers brought to the day and are proud to have brought the Service Jam to Perth.

The Eliza_ team were able to share our research, insights, human-centred design methodologies, mapping customer journeys and creating customer value propositions and rapid prototype.

And as a final thought on how service design can transform the lives of our elderly for the better, we’d like to quote designer and educator Robert L. Peters:

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

Want to join in our next Service Design Jam? Send us a message on our contact page or call Sam Rees on +61 412 252 243.

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