Multicultural FuturesCreating a global advantage


For decades, Fremantle Multicultural Centre had helped thousands of migrants and refugees become part of Australian society. First founded in 1981 as a base for support services and facilities in the Fremantle region, the Centre has since expanded their mental health, settlement and community building support across Perth. The challenge they faced was that they weren’t getting the recognition – and funding – they deserved. Even as they trained and shared their expertise with larger organisations, they struggled to make their voice heard in the crowded NFP space. To get a seat at the table, they needed a new, clear and motivating brand expression of their purpose that allows them to gain national-level attention as the multicultural experts.


Working with key stakeholders to understand their category context, competitors, organisational capability, opportunities and drivers for funding, we mapped their service offering and mapped the customer experience for multiple audiences before designing a refined hierarchy for their services and branding and positioning the organisation to reflect their deep domain knowledge.

Our new articulation of their mission, purpose and heritage allowed us to move into digital design.

Multicultural Futures. Forging a thriving society.


Starting with wireframes, we designed, prototyped and built the new responsive site, we worked with the leadership team on a host of elements from signage to a relaunch campaign video series.

Since their recent debut, the new brand of Multicultural Futures have received repeated praise from their partners in the sector and wider community, getting them the attention they deserve.

“I commend that optimism and forward-leaning approach in the new name. It also allows established Australians (such as me) to feel that I also have a place in Multicultural Futures. Well done.”
Maxine Drake, Advocacy Consultant
01 / 03