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Foodcubed are a start-up that builds ‘closed-loop’ automated smart farms. Comprised of food tubes packed with organic growth accelerants, they create huge leaps forward in the speed required to grow fresh, pesticide-free food and water efficiency – all with a minuscule footprint.

We were commissioned to position and brand this start-up right from the beginning as they were building their prototype, helping them bring their product to market for launch.


We applied our Brand Strategy and Design Thinking processes to run workshops with the founders, mapping their opportunity and validating customer needs.

Working with the team, we articulated their offering’s value proposition and brainstormed ideas for product implementations – such as in remote communities and rooftop agriculture. Next, we moved onto brand strategy and positioning, before creating their new brand language with creating a new brand toolkit with interactive elements.


Since helping launch Foodcubed, they’ve gone on to secure funding from Little Fish Venture Group and are in discussions to place their production units in remote Australian communities, and they have a unit on Cockatoo Island in Sydney.

They’re also working on a digital monitoring system, enabling remote monitoring and maintenance.

Follow their exciting progress on Instagram and here.

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“The Eliza_ team are our absolute go-to. We insist all of our founders should have an introduction to Eliza_”
Gene Barker Managing Partner, Little Fish Venture Capital Group
Food Cubed Brand Strategy and Expression
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Food Cubed: Brand Design and Strategy
Food Cubed: Product Design, Brand Design and Strategy
Food Cubed: Brand Meaning, Content Creation
Food Cubed: Brand Design & Positioning
Food Cubed: Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy and Design
Food Cubed: Brand Expression through Product Design
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