February 12, 2019

Is AI Ready to Drop Some Rhymes and Write Some Prose?

There is a lot of talk these days about artificial intelligence and its exciting developments. When you hear about AI, you might think about practical uses such as self-driving cars or detecting the early signs of lung cancer.


If you’re a marketer, the potential of segmenting your leads and gathering valuable insight might be more relevant.  If you’re more the paranoid sort, you might instead listen carefully when prominent figures such as Elon Musk warn about the potential of creating AI products that might “outsmart” humans and find them unnecessary or a hindrance to their goals.


Another field in which AI is proving to be an unlikely ally is the arts where many experiments have yielded amazing results. From generative dream-like art such as the eerie paintings of Google’s deep dream, to AI composing new music based on the work of the masters, to automatically learning the inspiration behind Gaudi’s works and delivering it to human artists for creating new sculptures and art.


Australia’s investments in AI might not have the same scale as China’s ($1 trillion envisioned AI investment for 2030) or the US’, but in the sunny city of Perth, a group of machine learning enthusiasts from the Perth Machine Learning group are collaborating with artists to provide a unique experience for this year’s Fringe World Festival.


Can machines surpass the creativity, experience, and skills of accomplished poets and writers?


Or are we still as far from a robot Henry Miller or Dostoyevsky as we are from Terminator-style robots taking over and taking advantage of our limited human capabilities?


Fringe Festival Woodside Pleasure Garden BitLit Machine Poetry Corner
Hanging out in the BitLit Machine Poetry Corner


These are the questions posed and pondered at the Fringe Festival’s BitLit show, which features AI-generated poetry.


When technology and art meet, beautiful things happen. Steve Jobs was always very adamant about this intersection of arts and technology. It drove him and his company into creating some of the most used products of our day. Making generative literature and art is just a glimpse of things to come – and BitLit might just be that first glimpse some of us might have.

Al-Nouaman Mekouar

Tech Lead / Software Development

Nouaman is software builder and technologist who loves building tools that solve big and small problems. His current interests are computer vision, AI for health care, mobile apps and the fusion of arts & technology. In his free time, he enjoys playing piano, traveling, surfing, and hanging out with his 3 cats.

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