July 23, 2018

4 Brilliant Products Co-Created With Brands

In our current era of empowered consumers, instant gratification, and an average exposure to 5,000+ advertising and brand messages per person, per day, brands are constantly looking for new ways to meaningfully engage with their customers.

Today there’s a new yet rare breed of creative agency that’s responding to these trends by creating not more messaging, but by directing their skills and energy towards product and service design.

These product design agencies link the power of purpose, big-brand mindset and creativity with design thinking and user experience principles. Only when the product is ready to bring to market do they apply their storytelling skills.

From ingenious new apps to the ‘Unforgettable Bag’, here’s 4 products that agencies have co-created with brands:

1. The Sip Safe Wristband


Most young adults are well-conditioned to be on the alert when out drinking. But when their backs are turned, expensive public service announcements and campaigns fall short on preventing drink spiking.

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of their students both on and off campus, Monash University teamed up with Y&R Melbourne to create the Sip Safe Wristband. Wearers can ‘self-test’ their drinks for commonly-used drugs by rubbing a single drop of their drink on the wristband.

Awarded a Gold Lion in this year’s Product Design Lions, Sip Safe is now available for order online.

2. Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder App

Product Design Tiffany's App

Choosing an engagement ring is more than aesthetics – it’s testament to how well one knows their partner. To improve the decision-making process for couples (and their influencers), Tiffany & Co. partnered with R/GA to build the ‘Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder App’.

The app allows users to browse and select a choice of rings that can be tried on via an augmented reality feature, as well as create a ‘Secret Circle’ of family and friends to advise and comment on the groom-to-be’s choices.

The app turns a typically doubtful, high-stakes shopping experience into an interactive and reassuring process.

3. Pride Jersey

Product Design Cannes Lion Pride Jersey

Another shortlisted entry in this year’s Product Design Lions was the Pride Jersey, created by TBWA/Hakuhodo. In a campaign film featuring the All Blacks and Black Ferns rugby teams, the jersey’s material is stretched to reveal a rainbow image – turning the team’s regular wear into a “symbol of diversity and inclusion”.

Rolled out for Tokyo’s Pride Week, the Pride Jersey is a uniquely powerful display of inclusion and support for the LGBTI community by New Zealand rugby.

4. Ediofy.com

Product Design Ediofy Platform

Ediofy is a peer-to-peer medical learning platform for doctors, surgeons, students and nurses to pursue their continual professional development. The platform allows users to share knowledge and resources, attempt exam-aligned mock tests, and provides a safe, supportive environment for educational and workplace-related discussions.

Eliza_ worked with Ediofy from the start, helping to define their brand purpose and expression, user journeys, user experience, interface design, user testing and oversaw development. Currently in beta, it was launched at the recent AMSA Conference in Australia.

Done well, a product-based approach offers brands the opportunity to differentiate and lead their category.

Building their DNA into products and creating meaningful value in people’s everyday lives offers perhaps the most enduring message about their purpose and meaning.

Got an idea for a digital product? We’d love to work with you in bringing it to life. Say hello to Sam Rees at sam@helloeliza.com.au or call 0412 252 243

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